FIVETHIRTY is a tech company with creative specialized for mobile application.

Main Products

origami engine for smartphone and tablet

  • “Let’s Fold : Adventure” origami puzzle game
  • “Let’s Fold : Collection” character based origami puzzle game
  • “Let’s Fold : World” origami puzzle game platform


Ideabove is a provider of Swizzle, a social jukebox that makes your parties and events more enjoyable by crowdsourcing music from friends.

Main Products


  • Swizzle lets you create a playlist and invite your party guests to add their favorite party music directly to your playlist to make the ultimate party mix. Besides the collaborative playlisting feature, you can also rate your friends’ recommendations and get the top recommenders to suggest you good music.

Looking for

investors, musicians, record labels, music industry participants, marketers

Nomad Connection
Nomad Connection is a development-oriented company that specializes in media solutions. Nomad Connection develoed Zimly, an All-in-One Media Player that seamlessly streams media from computers to mobile devices. Without needing to connect cables, or wait for encoding manually, Zimly provides its service on three screens: mobile, computer, and TV.


Bridge Mobile
Bridge Mobile is a fast growing mobile startup providing one-click free call solution. Through our innovative approach, we let users have free talks over internet protocol in a much easier than any other VoIP service providers.



  • Just dial as you normally would! No need to launch an app! Our smart solution, Bridge, will automatically decide whether to place a free or normal call. Bridge recorded 1M downloads in just 2 months after launch on Google Play.


Ediket is a fast growing startup founded in the belief that anyone with time and devotion can make an impact to our world. Ediket will take people’s writings to another level.



  • Ediket is a crowd-sourced proofreading platform. Ediket provides an online platform where writers who need proofreading and editors looking for work can freely meet and proofread short writings casually.
  • Unlike existing proofreading service platforms that use MS Word track changes function, Ediket has developed its own online document editor specialized for proofreading workflow. With this tool, users can easily manage the whole process of proofreading on the web.

Hub&Spoke is an innovative company that hopes to create a happy and healthy world through our service platform for exercise, learning, and entertainment by combining our exercise board with digital contents using ICT.



  • Tenjoy’ Smart Gym Board, our solution to an increasingly unhealthy society, is an exercise board on which users can enjoy games and various digital contents on PC and Smartphone while walking, running, and jumping. A maximum of 30 users can play online together to engage to exciting races and competitions. By combining games and entertainment with exercise, Tenjoy can encourage healthier lifestyles. We also provide an Arcade Game Machine with a bill acceptor to be placed in arcades or other businesses.

Jewelise Inc.
Jewelise are on a mission to develop jewelry industry mixing with IT industry. While every industry going forward, jewelry industry alone was still behind. We have dream to be company like apple in the jewelry industry.



  • Jewelise offer online jewelry customization system based on virtual 3d automated rendering. For Shop owners, they can create channels for customers to tailor their jewelry with less inventory risk. their main concern is inventory (Top 10 highest mark up product is jewelry). With “just in time manufacture system”, they can decrease 100% markup to 18% markup. For designers, customers can easily access their designs and create the perfect jewelry piece they wanted to have. For customers, they can customize their jewelry with reasonable price.


MAGO technology is the innovative sensor and IT company that based on precision magnetic sensor and internet technology. The goal of our company is to make safer world and prevent terrors in everyday life, using our state-of-the art LONG DISTANCE METAL DETECTING sensor – SNOOPER and cloud internet technology.


SNOOPER security system

  • Our SNOOPER security system is a micro version of MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector) sensor that is used for detecting submarine under the sea. SNOOPER security system has a capability of taking pictures of the person who has bunch of metal (probably weapon or home-made bomb) among crowded peoples. SNOOPER security system also can be useful for RCWS (Remote Controlled Weapon System) in deep forest or desert to detect the movement of armed enemy especially in dark night.


Newsystock is a Quant Analysis service provider as well as Social Investment platform provider for individual equity investors.


Quantitative Stock Analysis Solution

  • Newsystock provides Quant Stock Analysis Solution through financial institutions such as brokerage firms and media, as well as B2C channel. Newsystock’ s system not only recommends adequate equities to its users, but also enables the users to directly pick out the equities of their preference through a data-based quant analysis system. In addition, Newsystock is in the process of developing a social investment platform that utilizes the collective intelligence of its users, and provides both quantitative and qualitative analyses.


Pedium team consists of three engineers with specialties in text mining and server programming. Pedium aims to be a global distribution channel for news and knowledge into and out of Korea, with crowdsourced translation of Enlish/Chinese content into Korean and vice versa .


Free translation Service

  • Pedium provides ‘free’ translation of content on publishers’ websites with the much better quality than that of Google translation, by crowdsourcing volunteer translators. Moreover, Pedium enables publishers to publish easily translated contents without changing their websites.
  • Pedium encourages many potential contributors to translate contents by helping translators be connected with original authors, and by sharing the revenue from ads on translated pages.


QODE Interactive
QODE Interactive is a new start-up company which established May 1, 2013. Our top priority is the fusion of four values.
Q: Qreative O: On-off mix D: Design E: Emerge technology


Smart interaction table

  • Smart interaction table which makes people enjoy together with their own smart phone – IOT Internet of Things game platform. The world’s first 4D game console which can operate the things on the table wirelessly by smart phone. Consumer-oriented creative product – meeting and relationship recovery & smart functional games.


Subcommune, Inc.
Subcommune, Inc. is incorporated in NY, USA and has a subsidiary company Han River Technology in Kolkata, India. With six developers in iOS, Android, Web/Server and 5 design/operation/marketing professionals in India, Subcommune is optimized for Global Market with the-stunning-cost-efficiency..


DIVII – English Video Dictionary

  • DIVII – English Video Dictionary is a smartphone application that provides dictionary meaning with video examples. Real-life video examples can help users understand the context an English word or phrase being written, spoken, or used. Unlike conventional dictionary apps, DIVII does not provide dull meanings, but makes learning fun and easy with interesting subtitled videos.

1. Mission: Safevisions protects personal vehicle owners and their family and assets from any accident by providing the best safety solutions and services.
“Drive together, Save your life”
2. Core value: Trust management, Ethics management, value based management
3. Vision: Market share No.1 vision service and solution provider by the year of 2020


Warning System

  • Drowsy detection warning system
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Forward collision warning system

WOW Venture

Wow Venture developed Friend, a service which provides micro targeting & customized information beforehand, supporting reservation and ticket purchase for concerts, movies, sports games, etc. Utilizing Smart-stamp, this service is a O2O service which connects offline and SNS. Community feature is also present. It is a sophisticated knowledge information system which provides necessary information and source to consumers instead of searching within one-sided information pool.


Bonbonlab Inc. is an e-commerce company providing last-minute, real-time mobile booking service on hotels. Bonbonlab developed Hotelnow, a mobile app connecting partner hotels and customers make book and mamage last minute reservations on hotels thriugh their mobile app.


Everybody, talk to me (eTalk)
eTalk Co., Ltd. is changing how people entertain, communicate and learn.


App for smart devices

  • eTalk is the first and only service that enables people to have virtual video talk with anybody they want, including “celebrities”.
  • eTalk recognizes what people say and plays matching video clip to the dialogue. With eTalk, users can talk with their favorite celebrities, friends or family members


Investor, contents partners like animation studios, movie productions and entertainment agencies


IDIOCRACY,inc aims to confront North America in the mobile game industry with localized contents by developing PC- Mobile cross platforms.


Pirate King

  • Genre : Social board game
  • Servicing platforms : Facebook games (PC), App store & Googleplay (Mobile&Tablet)
  • Concept : Users can grow their own captains and collect their pirate crew to discover a secret path in the ocean


game publishers, investors, local management advisors


Goorm, Inc
As a software company evolved from a university community group, Goorm provides an integrated development environment and program learning platform on the cloud allowing users to develop and learn programs instantly.


goormIDE, goormEDU

  • Do you need to create and share your source codes online and access the codes from anywhere and any device? GoormIDE is the 100% browser-based development environment utilizing Cloud. You can develop your code instantly without any installation, and also collaborate with peers just like Google Docs.

Do you want to learn or teach programming more effectively? goormEDU is the #1 cloud platform that helps you create and configure the contents and services for students in seconds.


BBuzzArt Introduction
BBuzzArt creates an artistic community by creating connections amongst emerging artists, emerging critics, agencies and art lovers under the slogan,
“Claim Your Creativity!”


Vertical Social Networking Service

  • BBuzzArt is a startup providing vertical social networking service by creating a core connection between emerging artist and emerging critic. On the top of this core connection, art agencies and art lovers are invited to broaden the scope of social networking. In this platform, emerging artists can find necessary supports to further develop their art, emerging critics can build their status as professional critics leading to career opportunities, art agencies can search next artistic talents around the globe at fingertip and art lovers can enjoy various genres and styles of art by freely connecting with their favorite artists, critics and agencies. In short, BBuzzArt is a platform specially designed for those who create, appreciate and enjoy Art.


INS Lab, Co. LTD
INS Lab aims to be a global provider of software development infrastructure, solutions, and services for Consumer Electronics, Games, and IT enterprises


Cloud based DevOps Service

  • INS lab’s DevOps, infrastructure and tools to reduce cost, simply management, and provide operational efficiency for software development. Provides Korea’s top manufactures proven operation service quality with 80% cost down.


ojGround is an app providing world sports real time data service. Sport fans can check 2,269 leagues of 7 sports in 123 countries in real-time. With one-click personalization service, ojGround helps fans stay connected with their interest team by providing real-time push alarm about scores, game records, etc.

Acriil developed AIE(Affect Interaction Engine), emotion recognizing solution for smart device manufacturers, and mobile service developers. By recognizing user’s emotion state, providers can effectively capture their needs and deliver suitable solutions through recommendation services, voice assistance, SNS analytics, and contents curations.

Pitch Companies (KOTRA Startup Center)

Tricubics allows innovative 3D model construction and realistic rendering experience with your mobile phone. With zero dollar investment on hardware, and superior 3D model construction and photo-realistic rendering technology, Tricubics wil remove the uncertainty of aesthetics procedures which will benefit both patients and hospitals.

Pison Contents
Pison Content is a global entertainment corporation with one-stop music business planning & production and global distributor of digital music albums. Music Spray ( is a music distribution program for musicians on the internet, powered by ‘Pison Contents’ – the exclusive online distributor for iTunes in Korea. Music Spray releases contents to Amazon, Sportify, Deezer, as well as Melon and Bugs Music, the two largest music websites in Korea.

Pixbee is mobile camcorder application which is provides very unique 3D stickers and filters and easy-to-use sharing functions. Its vision is to enable people to record their life memories in short-form video so that they share their life with friends and family every day in easiest and funniest way.

Pitch Companies (KISA)

With the goal of enhancing the lives of users, Croquis developed Biscuit, the ultimate language learning tool where users can simply look up multiple definitions of words by selecting the word without the hassle of leaving the current screen. Its built in dictionary lets users look up words anytime, even without internet connection and every word is saved for future reference.

Pitch Companies (KAIT)

DoubleMe extracts fully animated 3D models directly from videos of people in real-time without any post-production. This totally eliminates laborous 3D animation processes including the needs of expensive motion capture. DoubleMe is, moreover, the next generation 3D content production platform and codecs. As next waves of virtual reality and 3D video standards emerge, our 3D codecs open whole new genres of immersive experiences for games, virtual reality, animations, movies and other entertainments.