Fireside Chat (II)

12:50 PM – 13:10 PM (Thursday, September 25th)

Eugene Noh

Program Manager
Venture Lab UC Berkeley


Eugene Noh, as the Venture Lab Manager at UC Berkeley, cultivates an innovative and collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, provides hands-on mentoring for startup teams, and manages international partnerships with universities and startup incubators. He has over a decade of experience mentoring students at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. During a two year stint in South Korea, Eugene hosted a weekly radio program on TBS eFM on positive psychology.

Eugene holds a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley and an M.Div. from Westminster Seminary California

Jennifer Woolley

Santa Clara University Incubator


Jennifer Lynn Woolley is an Associate Professor of Management at Santa Clara University. Her research focuses on the emergence of firms, industries, and technologies around the world. One stream of research examines the emergence of nanotechnology entrepreneurship and the infrastructure necessary to support such activity such as government policies, professional conference, knowledge creation and transfer. Dr. Woolley’s research has been published in Organization Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and Advances in International Management Research Series. Dr. Woolley also participated in the creation of the California Program for Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, an intensive training program for non-matriculating entrepreneurs.

Jennifer earned her doctorate at University of California, Irvine.

Manoj Fernando

Founder and CEO
Thinktomi Inc.


Manoj Fernando is the Founder and CEO of Thinktomi, an education company that provides high impact, skills-based education, leveraging its dynamic content management platform to help individuals of all ages and backgrounds with entrepreneurship and business education.

He has over 25 years of global business experience in hi-tech and has been a part of several startup founding teams including venture backed companies during the past 14 years. Manoj was also an Adjunct Professor in the EMBA program at Saint Mary’s College.

Manoj holds a B.S. in Information Science and M.S. in Telecommunications from Golden Gate University.

Janice Fraser



Jason Fraser Is a Principal in the Innovation Practice at Pivotal Labs. There, he assists clients with Lean Startup tools and techniques to ensure that they are building the right product for their target market. He gives workshops and talks to entrepreneurs, enterprise leadership, and product teams around the world. He is working with the Pivotal Labs Product organization (Product Management and Design) to advance product strategy as a core competency within Pivotal Labs.

Jason was a co-founder of Luxr, where he helped to define Lean Startup practice for entrepreneurs. He works with accelerator programs around the world providing consulting, curriculum, and workshops.

Jason Fraser