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Foot Logger : Wearable Shoe insoles that Sync & Charge Wirelessly [Wearable World News]

yong hoon
2014-09-30 10:04

Foot Logger : Wearable Shoe insoles that Sync & Charge Wirelessly

3L_Labs_footloggerMost hands were raised during the KOTRA Silicon Valley K-Tech 2014 Connected Life panel discussion when the audience was asked if they were wearing or had worn a fitness tracker But the question remains: Can this level of wearable device adoption be accomplished everywhere outside of the technology passionate audience in Silicon Valley?

During #KTECH2014 I had the opportunity to meet with Jinwook Lee, CEO of 3L Labs.  Lee believes fitness tracking is something that should go to the masses and not be for particular niches.  3L Labs produces FootLogger,  a shoe insole activity tracker designed to bring the world of wearable technology not just to athletes but to the feet inside every shoe.

While the early adopters of their product will be athletes and tech friendly fitness fanatics, Lee is focused on bringing the 3L Lab’s sensing technology to the masses.  He is addressing key issues that make wearable technology inconvenient by using innovation.

One such innovation is technology used to wirelessly charge the inserts by placing the shoes in the 3L Labs ShoeStation.  As battery life is a key issue in wearable device adoption, finding ways for wearable devices to always be charged that are easy for people to use will give entrepreneurs in the wearable space an edge on the competition.

Nike introduced a Bluetooth enabled smart shoe in 2012  that required the battery be removed from the shoe insole for charging.  Nike no longer sells the shoes and one can suspect that convenience is part of the reason.

Wearable technology must satisfy customer needs as well as be convenient to use.  It must fit seamlessly into the lives of customers with little effort.  Otherwise people feel like they’re working for technology, rather than the technology working for them.  Wearable device users do not want to be enslaved by their devices and the hassles of charging and syncing them.  Lee has these and many more customer-focused topics in mind as he guides 3L Labs and the FootLooger product to market.
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