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LG Electronics Recruiting Event

Entry level and professional job recruitment at LG Electronics, sponsor by KOTRA Silicon Valley.
A career at LGE will allow you to reach your dreams. We offer the “Right People” great opportunities for growth and sure reward for exceptional performance.

About Recruiting

1. Job Opening

HW/SW/UX Engineer etc. (Please find below for details)

2. Qualifications

Bachelors / Master / PhD degree (or equivalent) include Post-Doctor

3. Apply for job online

Send your Resume (VC) to below E-mail contact person:

KOTRA Global Recruiting
KOTRA Global Recruiting Representative / Liz Yoo

4. Screening procedures

  • Resume submit → Job Match and HR interview → Executive Interview → Final Acceptance
    - Can be conference call or video conference interview conducted in accordance with the conditions.

5. Application deadline

September 15th, 2014 (Mon), 10:00 AM (US Pacific Time)

6. On-site Interview Information

    • Date/Location: September 24th, 2014 (Wed) @ Santa Clara Marriott Hotel
      -For specific place and time to interview applicants will contact by individual.
      -Please contact the email address associated interview questions.

Job Opening Details

Company Job Openings Related Majors
Home Entertainment (HE) SW Platform

  •   web OS Core / Web Technology / Security / Media Streaming / Hybrid TV / SDK / BSP / Google TV
UX Researcher (Gesture recognition UX Interface)

  •   Finger Gesture / Camera Framework development / Full Body Technology / Face detection camera / Language Processing / Speech Recognition / Composite(STT/TTS)
BLU Technology

  • Low / Mid BLU Development / OS Panel Module, Module Multi  sourcing / BLU Optical Design/Development (Lens/PKG Development)
  • Energy Efficiency Module development

  • Smart TV SoC Plan & long-term strategy plan : HW Requirements
  • Analysis related SoC technology & Develop differentiated strategies: Applied new technology on Smart TV and develop new technology on SoC
  • SoC Architecture analysis & plan new improvement : Optimized SoC Architecture analysis and derived new ideas
MobileCommunications(MC) SW

  • Android & OS Technology: Linux Kernel, Device Driver, BSP / Multimedia: Audio / Camera, Video /Application: Mobile App. development
  • Protocol(Modem): LTE/LTE-A / Architecture, Android Platform, Base on open Source SW Platform researcher
  • Cloud Server / Application / Web Programming / Machine Learning / Data Mining & Analysis / Context Awareness / M2M, Artificial Intelligence
  • Robot SW Platform / System SW / Vision Analysis / Control / Power Saving & Battery Management (Fast Charging)
  • Energy Management / OS Kernel / Web Platform / S아 / Robot SW Platform / System SW / Application SW
  • Web related technology: Web Platform / Web OS / Web Application 
  • Etc.: Computer Vision, Voice recognition, Sensor Application

UX : Research on customer value (FGD, FGI) / Develop the scenario & optimized / Develop on human behavior UX design

HW : Wireless Communication Technology (Designed RF & Antenna) / Design system: Circuit design & optimization

Mechanism : Structural Design(Slim Design) / Exterio




HomeAppliance(HA) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Noise analysis, Dynamic analysis, Frozen Cycle, Fluid, Noise & vibration
Freshness & Hygiene, Insulation Technology (Urethane foam, Vacuum insulation)
Wireless Power/Signal transmission(Smart) developer, Vision (Camera Sensor) product developer ECEEE(Inverter,


CS (IoT)

Insulation materials, Functional/Ecology Material, Refrigeration & AC Cycle, Vibration, CAE Analysis, Phase change CAE Analysis, Forming/Processing, Surface Treatment
Keynote Speech-3PANEL DISCUSSION(Future Prospect ofIT Convergence)




Air Conditioning & Chiller R&D

  • Thermal Fluid Flow Analysis, Fan Design, CFD/CAE Performance Analysis, Heat Exchanger Design / Optimal Design / Structure Design, Noise / Vibration, Mold/Sheet metal forming
  • Inverter system algorism/logic design, Motor/ Compressor design, Sensor/Smart waste heat recovery, 2 Phase Flow, Heat Flow, Cooling System



Air Conditioning Control & BdMS R&D

  • IPMSM Control(Sensorless Vector control, Motor control), PFC Control Digital control, Auto control, PSIM or Matlab Simulation, Embedded System
  • Building Management System, Home Management System control, Network Protocol
Vehicle Components (VC) Inverter Development

  • DSP or Micom applied technology research / Power Electronic circuit design & control, 
  • Moto-control technology research
HVAC System

  • Vehicle HVAC System researcher / Vehicle cooling researcher
  • In & outdoor HEX design and simulation researcher / Heat Pump designer and  researcher In & outdoor Fan and design researcher
In-Vehicle Infotainment

  • BSP, Kernel, Driver, Power Management, HMI, SWDL, LCD, Touch
  • Protocol, Radio(DAB/RDS/ WCDMA, LTE), Bluetooth, WiFi, Network Service(RIL, MBIM), CAN communication, BAP protocol, diagnostic
  • Framework, Security, Service, Multimedia, 
  • Application(Windows C++/C#, Android Java)
  • Mirror Link, Linux OS, Micom, C, C++/C#, Low level coding and Audio DSP engineer


ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System)

  • Display Application, Camera Application and optic design researcher / DSP / Micom Application design / wireless protocol, RF Design and System design, optimization
  • Embedded system’s power management, Web platform, HTML5 and Open source platform engineer researcher
  • Machine vision, Recognition/learning algorithm design, relate experienced engineers(Base on ARM AP chip application developer / Radio Tuning / Embedded H/W R&D)




Material(Organic, Polymer, Nano, Inorganic, Hybrid, Bio) / Material Analysis / Optoelectronics / Optics / Micro & Nano Device / Analog / Digital Circuit Design / Sensor MSPhy\Chem



Speech & Audio Processing / Image Processing & Computer Vision / Data Mining & Analysis / Human Computer Interaction / Bio photonics / Optical system / Microfluidics ECECEIE
OS Kernel / Middleware / SDK CSSWECE
BSP Device Driver / Speech & Audio Processing / Image Processing & Computer Vision ECECS
Application SW / System SW / Network Service & Standardization / Broadcastin Service & Standardization / Mechatronics / Architecture / Android Platform / Cloud Server / Data Mining & Analysis / Context Awareness / Artificial Intelligence / Mobile Power Management / OS / Kernel / BSP / Device Driver / Boot Loader / Sensor ECECSIT


Wireless Communication / Communication Device ECEITCS
Thermal Dynamics / Heat & Mass Transfer / Fluid Application / Structural Dynamics / Noise & Vibration / Power Electronics / System Control / Electric Machinery MEECECE
Intellectual Property / Prosecution & Portfolio Management / Analysis / Licensing / Litigation / Strategy ECECS
Code Analysis & Refactoring / SW Architecture Evaluation & Design / Agile Methodology ECECS
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